Mmmm. . . . Cake Pops
May 11, 2011, 7:39 am
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When my son’s preschool had their spring party, each family was asked to bring an item to contribute to the food, drinks or decor.  Rather than purchasing cupcakes or making rice krispie squares or butter tarts (again), I asked my son what he’d like to make and he replied “um, how about those things like we had with Bubby at Starbucks, you know the ones on the stick with the sprinkles on top?”  To which I replied, “oh, you mean the cake pops”?

So, at 6am with a still-hot cup of tea, I searched the internet to find some inspiration and instructions.  Thank you Bakerella!

I didn’t have the luxury of time for such extreme hand-decorating (nor the patience since my 4-year-old was “helping” me make them), so I settled on a simple round, dipped cake-pop with some spring colors.  Just 5 easy steps:

    1. bake the cake (I cheated a little here and used store-bought Betty Crocker’s Super Moist Rainbow Chip mix)
    2. allow the cake to cool completely then crumble into a large bowl (4 year olds are really good at this!)
    3. mix in icing (we used just over 3/4 tub of Betty Crocker’s Whipped Vanilla).  Don’t think about it – normally this icing is spread on the outside of your cake, but this way it’s hidden inside!
    4. roll the cake/icing mixture into golf-ball sized balls and place them on a wax-paper covered cookie sheet, then refrigerate (or freeze if you’re short on time)
    5. melt your candy coating (or chocolate) according to package direction (I bought ours at Michael’s Craft Store), dip your lollipop stick in the candy, insert into cake ball, dip & roll to cover with candy then allow to dry.

Work in progress


finished product




Learn from my experience and be sure that your cake pop balls are cold; if you take too long to dip them, put them back in the freezer – otherwise, they slide down the lollipop stick and slump sadly at the bottom on the styrofoam!


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I am very impressed with the cake pops – and the blog! Great job.


Comment by Krista

oooo! might try for Graye birthday. be cute with a candle stuck in each of them…?*d


Comment by whistlersprouts

teeny candles might work, but the candy coating could crack – I would arrange them in some styrofoam and put a candle in the middle somewhere


Comment by mypostcardsfromhome

where did you get the sticks?


Comment by whistlersprouts

my local craft/hobby shop has them, but Michael’s crafts store also carries them along with candy options and wrappers etc. Have fun and be sure to check out Bakerella’s site for inspiration!


Comment by mypostcardsfromhome

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