From A to Z in 26 days
May 17, 2011, 7:57 am
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Now that I am no longer working full-time and using a corporate Blackberry daily, I have come to rely on the SIM card from my old Nokia phone in my husband’s discarded Blackberry.  Unfortunately, this means that I don’t have current contact information for anyone – friends, family, old colleagues or clients.  On the upside, I am relying heavily on my memory for phone numbers; the downside is that I’m feeling unorganized and inefficient.

In an effort to get organized, I realize that I need to find a systematic method of updating my address book (yes, I still use an old paper & pencil format – am I the only one?) as well as my cell phone contacts and computer contacts.  Such a daunting task that I’ve been avoiding it for, well, 6 months now (since I sat down to write Christmas cards).  While I’m at it, I want to add the birthdays of my friends and their ever-expanding families so that I can keep track of how old their kids are and celebrate their milestones.

Finally, a breakthrough!  The solution came to me as I was explaining to my son that sometimes when we have a big job to do, it helps to break it up into smaller, more manageable tasks, and I thought to myself, “yes, that’s it!”.  So, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, right?  And it’s not like I know that many people.  If I do one letter every day, it will be done in under a month!  Now that seems manageable.

I should be able to accomplish this in 30 days or less.  A month.  Depending on your last name, you can expect to hear from me soon!


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