Perfect Passwords
June 6, 2011, 2:30 pm
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You know how every time we do anything related to technology you need to enter a password?  Log onto your computer, use your cell phone, pay the bills, purchase through a website?  How many passwords do you have to remember?  And how often do you have to change them?

I am so excited by a comment I read in The Happiness Project (by Gretchin Rubin) that I must share it!   If you subscribe to the belief that what you focus on is what becomes your reality, then I think you’ll be excited, too.  A strategy to stay mindful, from page 245: 

“I later changed my passwords to a goal I’ve been working on, or an achievement I want.  They become a constant reminder of my goals, my dreams, of what I want to achieve.  It’s basically the same idea as surrounding yourself with reminders of your aims, your dreams.  Or repeating positive thoughts in your mind.”

This ties in nicely with my annual resolutions . . . now I need to match my goals and passwords!


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