Changing Seasons
November 2, 2011, 1:22 pm
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“Live each season as it passes; breath the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

Henry David Thoreau

I love autumn.  Cool, crisp days with the sun shining down on the fall colours.  Boots, sweaters, scarves and gloves, but it’s not cold enough for a winter coat.  It’s my favourite season!

My birthday just passed and my mom bought me a new camera (kudos to my husband for taking my 5 year old to pick it up on her behalf).  I have a great camera already, a Canon Rebel XT, and it takes great photographs.  But with two kids to chase after, I can’t be lugging it with me on everyday outings, so now I have a small camera that easily fits into my purse.  I’m thrilled! 

In just two days, I’ve already taken 100 pictures and am planning to start posting more photos on my blog.  I love the idea of a daily photo blog, but I think I’ll aim for weekly and sprinkle a few extras in here and there. 

Let me know what you think . . .


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it would be cool to make a bunch of random themes, write them all out on little pieces of paper and draw one from a hat every week. then at the end of the week post 5 of the best pictures that represent the theme and post them. ie. breakfast, shoes, smiles, laundry, playtime… etc.
happy belated birthday! xo *dalyn


Comment by the best i ever had

love it! great idea . . . as part of my “happiness project” i’ve started a gratitude journal and though it might be a fun way to combine the two by posting pictures of what I’m grateful for. This would be a daily exercise, but I’m not ready to commit to the photo part until I master this camera!


Comment by mypostcardsfromhome

I agree with you. I wish I had your blogging style.


Comment by giant twist comfort cs

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