My Daily Dose for 2012

Has anyone else noticed a plethora of “365” themed ideas out there?  Perhaps, it’s because of the New Year, but I’ve come across blogs, photo projects, writing ideas, cooking, fitness goals – the list is endless.  Others seem to be organized enough to not just cook a lovely meal or create an elaborate craft project, but document every step along the way with photographs and then post it for the world to see. 

I like the idea of documenting my life, my kids, my projects each day, but I know that’s not realistic – there’s not enough time in the day and I already have my “40 Before 40” list to focus on.  So I’ve been thinking about what I could manage.  Something that matters to me, but doesn’t leave me feeling stressed about accomplishing it.  Between shuttling kids to school and activities, cleaning up after The Wrecker, ballet and fitness for myself, and generally managing this looney bin that I habit, there isn’t much time for creative thinking.

Then it occurred to me . . . I’ll continue with my gratitude journal this year and document each daily dose with a photo.  I started keeping a one-line-per-day journal last year as a way of focussing on the positive in my life.  Being present.  Noticing the little things.  Appreciating what I have.  The conscious act of daily gratitude is supposed to be a form of meditation which has profound health benefits on the brain and body.  Every little bit counts, right?

So this year, I will continue with the journal, but take my pocket camera with me everywhere so I’ll have a visual record, too.  A flower, a beautiful fabric, seeing my kids’ toes peeking out as they sit on their knees.  Who knows what will catch my eye each day?


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