February Photo-A-Day Challenge

In a previous post, I mentioned that I came across this great idea from Fatmumslim ( and am excited to try it.  Basic premise is to take a photo a day inspired by the list provided:

It’s a fun endeavour, but tricky to remember throughout the day and then find the time to upload the photos, but I’m enjoying the challenge!  Check back as often as you like!

Feb 1 "My View Today"

Feb 2 "Words"

Feb 3 "Hands"

Feb 4 "Stranger"

Feb 5 "10:00am" (on Pinterest!!)

Feb 6 "Dinner"

Feb 7 "Button"

Feb 8 "Sun"

Feb 9 "Front Door"

Feb 10 "Self Portrait"

Feb 11 "Makes me Happy"

Feb 12 "Inside my closet"

Feb 13 "Blue" (sky!)

Feb 14 "Heart"

Feb 15 "Phone"

Feb 16 "Something new"

Feb 17 "Time"

Feb 18 "Drink"

Feb 19 "Something I hate to do"

Feb 20 "Handwriting"

Feb 21 "Favorite photo of me"

Feb 22 "Where I work"

Feb 23 "Shoes"

Feb 24 "Inside my bathroom cabinet"

Feb 25 "Green"

Feb 26 “Night”

Feb 27 “Something I ate”

Feb 28 "Money"

Feb 29 "Something I'm listening to"




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thanks for posting the february photo-a-day challenge; i thought it was a lot of fun and i am looking forward to the march challenge…

you have some wonderful and clever photos…


Comment by bubby

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