Back to School
September 15, 2011, 10:32 am
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I love September – back to school shopping, a brand new fresh notebook and pens that work!  Leopard print and tartan hit the runway and I’m keen to get (and stay) organized.  This year I’m actually taking a class, too.  It’s the last of my required courses to earn my certificate in Marketing Management which started as a hobby four years ago, but has become a potential career change.  But I digress . . .

As I am slowly putting my home office and basement storage back together after an un-planned restoration project caused by a leaking pipe, I am trying to organize my family calendar, coordinate schedules with my husband and plan activities for my youngest son.

My eldest son is going to Kindergarten this year.  They say it’s “all day” Kindergarten, but so far it’s been pretty anti-climactic.  Last Tuesday, we went to see our new class room and put our name down on a list for an interview with the teacher.  Wednesday was a free day for the kids to play and then we went to meet the teacher on Thursday for 30 minutes before lunch.  Finally, on Friday, his first “day”of school was for just over and hour. 

Armed with my cameras, I took him to his class and tried to get a decent photo when he noticed the other kids had their lunch bags.  A look of panic flashed across his face as he said, “Mom, I don’t have my lunch bag!”.  Knowing full well that the kids wouldn’t be having lunch, I hadn’t bothered to pack one, but I did have my trusty bag of snacks and water with me so I offered it to him; thankfully, he agreed to take it.  He happily went into class to check out the new space and meet some of his fellow students.

Given that I only had an hour, I decided to hang around the school playground so my youngest son could play and I could get to know some of the other class moms.  After awhile, I started to wonder where my phone and keys were . . . hmm . . . not in the stroller . . . not in the camera bag . . . did I leave them in the lunch bag?

Finally, the kids came out of class; one by one, they ran over to tell their parents how their first day of Kindergarten went.  When my son came over, he said “it was great, can I go play on the playground?” and he was gone – leaving me with the snack bag.  Cautiously, I opened the side pocket to find, yes, both my house keys and my cell phone.   Two missed calls and the ringer was on! 

I immediately apologized to our new teacher (he says he didn’t hear the phone ring) and sheepishly remarked that I bet he never thought he’d have to ask a bunch of five-year-olds to turn off their cell phones before coming into class!  Not the best first impression I’ve ever made!


Clean underwear is the best way to start the day!
June 19, 2011, 7:46 am
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So true!

You might be wondering whose words of wisdom these are?   A writer?  A comedian?  My mom, perhaps?

Actually, they were written on a package of boys boxer briefs that arrived from Old Navy for my 4-year-old last week.

It gave me a laugh so I thought I’d share it.

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