Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

I love these weekly photo challenges.  Have a look at the world through my eyes.  Where does your eye go?



Half full or half empty?

The age-old question of the glass being half full or half empty is sometimes used as an indicator of your views on life.  Are you an optimist?  A pessimist?


Or perhaps you don’t care either way and are just happy to have the glass.

the glass

Since I became a mom, I found another glass metaphor – the one that measures my energy level.  I remember talking to a friend about parenting young kids and how demanding they are with constant questions, needs, and wants.  She replied ” your kids will drain you all day long; they suck the life out of you, so you have to make sure that you start each day with a full glass” (no, not of wine).  And then she forwarded me a link to a blog post about nurturing yourself while nurturing your child.

After reading this article I realized that, at times, I was too impatient with my kids and frustrated by the lack of time for myself.  I chose to leave my career in finance to stay home full-time with my kids, but I wasn’t the mom I wanted to be.  So this year, as I approach 40, I have made an effort to put myself back on the never-ending to-do list.  I decided that I needed to take some time every day to do something that is just for me.  Something that makes me happy.

I exercise.  I make a cup of tea (and try to drink it before it gets cold).  I treat myself to a great pedicure.  I read.  I savour a square of sea salt Lindt dark chocolate.

If I had more time,  I would sew, paint, make jewelry, garden, but until my youngest is in school all day, I will keep pinning great ideas on my Pinterest boards for future reference; even this makes me happy!

What do you do to fill your cup?

the glass

“9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier”

I came across this article on the subject of Happiness and thought it worth sharing:

How many of these do you already do?

How many can you work into your daily routine with all of the competing demands in your life?

Happiness is

My personal favorite is “9. End each day with gratitude.”  How do you know if you’re happy unless you acknowledge all that you have already?  Every night I write in my calendar, 3 things that I’m grateful for and I find myself more grateful, more satisfied, and in the moment than I used to be.

But there is always room for improvement.


Turkey leftovers? Here’s some inspiration . . .

After several days of holiday meal planning, baking, prepping, and cooking; it’s officially time for leftovers!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love turkey dinner leftovers especially when I had back-to-back Christmas dinners and was treated to prime rib with my in-laws last night.  But rather than just recreating your turkey dinner out of tupperware containers, try this delicious recipe from Jamie Oliver!

"It's not a pretty-boy pie; it's a proper, old-school pie that everyone will be over the moon to see on the table."  Jamie Oliver

“It’s not a pretty-boy pie; it’s a proper, old-school pie that everyone will be over the moon to see on the table.” Jamie Oliver

He featured it on his Christmas Special last week and we had a test run with chicken. We liked it so much we both went back for seconds!

This time, I’m making two and popping one in the freezer.  Because we didn’t have any, I substituted pancetta for the bacon and left out the chestnuts, otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing, just be sure you roll out the puff pastry so it’s not too thick.  Enjoy!


Not only on Thanksgiving . . .


Since I started my gratitude journal last year, I have been more thankful.  More appreciative of the little things.  The smell of my sons’ hair when they come in from playing outside.  The lingering embrace at the end of a quick hug from my husband.  A perfect cup of tea.  A relaxing foot massage.  The simplicity of everyday routines.

But today is Thanksgiving (in Canada) AND my 39th birthday . . . I have much to be thankful for:

  • a husband who does more than most
  • two boys who inspire me to be better and do better
  • true friends who remember my birthday (without the help of Facebook)
  • old friends who are still there despite the passage of time
  • new friends that have come to me through my children
  • a family that has supported me whether they agreed with my decisions or not
  • grandparents that are still around to teach their great-grandchildren the joys of baking and the many uses of a magnifying glass
  • being able to stay home with my boys until I decide what to do next
As Edith Piaf croons and I prepare a traditional turkey dinner for my loved ones, I am savouring a glass of wine while my boys watch a movie and my husband takes a well-deserved nap.  Life is good.
Now to commit to my resolutions for 39 . . . to do, to have, to be, to give, to learn. . .


“An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.”

My thought for today as quoted from my Yogi tea bag.  I love it!

As part of my Happiness Project, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal, but I’ve fallen behind.  So today, I am picking up the pen again.  It’s great to be reminded of how lucky I am and to keep things in perspective when I’m facing a challenge!

It really is the little things.  A hug from my boys, tea made by my husband, ballet class . . .some days I have so many moments that I want to remember, I don’t even get to write them all down.  But I do spend the day trying to be mindful and appreciative.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m cheerful and perky all day – my kids still don’t listen to me when I ask them to stop bugging each other, there are still terrible drivers everywhere and petty annoyances, but focussing on the best of the day seems to make it easier to forget the rest.

Yesterday . . . my dishwasher.  I am lucky to be able to turn it on when I go out and come home to clean dishes – allowing me to spend time with my family instead!

Today . . .  I’m grateful for a much-needed morning shower and clean hair!

And you??

February Photo-A-Day Challenge

In a previous post, I mentioned that I came across this great idea from Fatmumslim ( and am excited to try it.  Basic premise is to take a photo a day inspired by the list provided:

It’s a fun endeavour, but tricky to remember throughout the day and then find the time to upload the photos, but I’m enjoying the challenge!  Check back as often as you like!

Feb 1 "My View Today"

Feb 2 "Words"

Feb 3 "Hands"

Feb 4 "Stranger"

Feb 5 "10:00am" (on Pinterest!!)

Feb 6 "Dinner"

Feb 7 "Button"

Feb 8 "Sun"

Feb 9 "Front Door"

Feb 10 "Self Portrait"

Feb 11 "Makes me Happy"

Feb 12 "Inside my closet"

Feb 13 "Blue" (sky!)

Feb 14 "Heart"

Feb 15 "Phone"

Feb 16 "Something new"

Feb 17 "Time"

Feb 18 "Drink"

Feb 19 "Something I hate to do"

Feb 20 "Handwriting"

Feb 21 "Favorite photo of me"

Feb 22 "Where I work"

Feb 23 "Shoes"

Feb 24 "Inside my bathroom cabinet"

Feb 25 "Green"

Feb 26 “Night”

Feb 27 “Something I ate”

Feb 28 "Money"

Feb 29 "Something I'm listening to"



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