Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

While on vacation with my family last weekend, I managed to take another 200+ photos over four days.  Most of them are of my kids & husband, but many are photos of nature, animals, the sky, and other shots that I like to have as reminders of what we saw and did while away at the Ranch.

This weekly challenge was a perfect theme as I was trying to capture the various colors in the stormy skies.

Caught it before the rain began to fall!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh
July 23, 2013, 1:22 pm
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I’ve been busy with fun in the sun and missed the recent weekly photo challenges, but this one caught my attention.

So many photo options:  swimming in a lake, a newborn baby, a delicious-looking cocktail, muffins just out of the oven, but I chose these two:

What’s “fresh” in your life?

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

I love these weekly photo challenges.  Have a look at the world through my eyes.  Where does your eye go?


Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

My take on the WordPress weekly photo challenge:  From Above

I hadn’t realized that I take so many pictures from above, but I love the view from up here. Family. Food. Feet.

Which one is your favorite?

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

As a final post before the new year begins, I thought I’d participate in the weekly photo challenge of “my 2012 in pictures”.  As I looked back, I was surprised to see how much we travelled.  Not quite the same as before kids, mostly local trips, but still away from home somewhere almost every month!

I was also surprised by the number of photos of food I took this year – food that marked special occasions, vacations, birthdays, holidays, and class treats for school so I’ve decided to post those photos instead of our various trips.  Let me know what you think!

February Photo-A-Day Challenge

In a previous post, I mentioned that I came across this great idea from Fatmumslim ( and am excited to try it.  Basic premise is to take a photo a day inspired by the list provided:

It’s a fun endeavour, but tricky to remember throughout the day and then find the time to upload the photos, but I’m enjoying the challenge!  Check back as often as you like!

Feb 1 "My View Today"

Feb 2 "Words"

Feb 3 "Hands"

Feb 4 "Stranger"

Feb 5 "10:00am" (on Pinterest!!)

Feb 6 "Dinner"

Feb 7 "Button"

Feb 8 "Sun"

Feb 9 "Front Door"

Feb 10 "Self Portrait"

Feb 11 "Makes me Happy"

Feb 12 "Inside my closet"

Feb 13 "Blue" (sky!)

Feb 14 "Heart"

Feb 15 "Phone"

Feb 16 "Something new"

Feb 17 "Time"

Feb 18 "Drink"

Feb 19 "Something I hate to do"

Feb 20 "Handwriting"

Feb 21 "Favorite photo of me"

Feb 22 "Where I work"

Feb 23 "Shoes"

Feb 24 "Inside my bathroom cabinet"

Feb 25 "Green"

Feb 26 “Night”

Feb 27 “Something I ate”

Feb 28 "Money"

Feb 29 "Something I'm listening to"



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