Family Fun in Kauai, Hawaii – Arrival
March 18, 2016, 10:53 pm
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After our successful family trip to Belize last year, my husband went ahead and booked our family for two weeks in Hawaii.  I must admit, two weeks away was a daunting idea … I love to travel and enjoy new adventures, but the thought of being cooped up with the boys in a small condo without any friends to play with (for the kids or us!) was a little less than appealing.  But everyone assured me that we would have a great time and I figured I could squeeze in a little running and swimming, maybe some tennis and hopefully find some time to do some watercolour painting.  Plus, I have only been to Hawaii once so why not?

I packed our bags (too many bags) and we departed for Kauai late Saturday afternoon.  (Thanks Bubby, for giving us a lift).  Our direct flight was on time and, in spite of the airline’s wifi system being out of commission, the boys were entertained with books, a downloaded movie, snacks and a little bit of video game time.

I even managed to read a magazine, but as I pulled out my laptop to sort through my photos, the little guy complained that he felt dizzy.  “No, no, you’re just tired because it’s past bedtime,” I assure him.  He tried to get comfortable and I hoped he would nap, but then he sat up and coughed.  Quickly, I grabbed the little white, waxy bag in the seat back pocket in front of me; desperately hoping he wasn’t going to puke.

And he did.

Three times.

Thank you to my husband for clearing the aisle so we could get to the bathroom for the second round.  And thank you to the mom of two teenage boys in the row ahead of us for passing me another bag for the third round at our seats.  Once the excitement passed, my little guy finally fell asleep with his head in my hand.  Who knew that a 7 yIMG_3447ear old boy’s head could weigh so much?

(Not to be outdone by his brother, my older son got in on the action and complained profusely that his legs hurt and he couldn’t get comfortable.  Thankfully his discomfort was short-lived.)  We finally arrived at our destination in Lihue on the island of Kauai, collected our luggage, shuttled to the rental car, drove to our accommodations and settled down to sleep sometime after midnight.

The real excitement began at 5:30am when my husband woke me up and told me to get the kids dressed because there was a fire outside our condo!   Flames were reaching high enough to see from our second floor bedroom and the toxic stench of burning plastic and metal wafted through our open windows.

All of those school fire drills paid off; the boys were all business.  They got dressed, grabbed their stuffies and calmly walked outside.  We hopped in our rental car and drove a short distance away from the fire that was burning below their bedroom window!  The local fire department showed up and doused the flames of what was once a golf cart.

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You can see from the photos how much damage this small vehicle fire caused; singed foliage, burned and cracked pavement.  We were thankful that it wasn’t our rental car damaged by the fire.  Unfortunately, the rush of adrenaline prevented us from going back to sleep so our first day started off very early!

Stay tuned for photos taken while exploring our neighbourhood…



Daily Prompt: The Natural World

I was inspired by todays daily prompt: The Natural World.

It was easy to find photos I had taken that show nature in its various forms: beaches, trees, sunrise and sunset, but I was most excited to see so many photos that include my boys exploring nature.

Although they are “city kids”, we do plenty of  beach combing, hiking, and paddling to discover treasures.  My favorite excursions are the pajama walks we take early in the morning while on vacation.

Where are your favorite places to explore nature?

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

I love these weekly photo challenges.  Have a look at the world through my eyes.  Where does your eye go?


40 before 40

No, it’s not the measurement for a renovation at home; it’s a new look at my Annual Birthday Resolutions.  Traditionally, I make 5 resolutions on my birthday to keep me focused for the year ahead (January 1st seems a bit arbitrary) which include something I want “To Do, To Have, To Be, To Learn and To Give”.

This year, as I get closer to what some refer to as over-the-hill, I thought I might expand my resolutions to include a list of 40 goals I intend to achieve before I turn 40.  In case you’re wondering – it’s now 2 years away.  So far, I have come up with (in no particular order):

  1. be clutter free
  2. sort and empty boxes at mom’s house (I think there are 4)
  3. get my Vespa built and running
  4. learn basic, conversational spanish
  5. renew my vows
  6. host a holiday open house
  7. host a summer BBQ
  8. complete an olympic distance triathlon
  9. finish “1st 500” photo album for my youngest son
  10. get caught up on annual photobooks
  11. create filing system for our household – that works
  12. hang all artwork/decor in the house
  13. load digital photo frame
  14. learn manual settings on camera
  15. transfer dvd videos into a functional & editable format
  16. find a place for everything
  17. keep the weight off
  18. make lasagna from scratch
  19. bake bread (also from scratch)
  20. make jam
  21. learn to prune the garden – properly
  22. start my own business
  23. go camping with the kids
  24. move music cd’s into a binder system
  25. get a new front door
  26. take the kids on a road trip (more than 4 hours & including an overnight stop)
  27. take a knife-handling class
  28. master the BBQ
  29. learn to use iPhoto – import & organize photos
  30. go to Argentina
  31. buy recreational property
  32. paint & hang my own artwork
  33. dance again – in a class
  34. try karate
  35. keep a gratitude journal
  36. learn to meditate
  37. write and publish a children’s book
  38. create and publish my own meal-plan
  39. take skating lessons
  40. do my happiness project for a full year

I know there are more, but they usually come to me in the middle of the night and I don’t always write them down!

If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

My personal Tour de France 2011
July 19, 2011, 2:29 pm
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I love watching “The Tour” (as we refer to it in our house).  The excitement, the competition, the scenery, and the tension.  Before my husband and I were married, I knew little about the Tour de France – it’s a bike race in France, right?  But in 2004, while eloping in Italy, I was stuck in a road block caused by the Giro D’Italia passing through a quaint hillside Tuscan village.  And a Tour de France fan was born.  

This is the 98th year of the Tour and over a 3 week period the best road cyclists in the world will cover a total distance of 3,430.5 kms (roughly 2132 miles).  Can you think of any physical activity that you could maintain day after day for 3 weeks?  You can actually watch them get leaner as the weeks go on.   Having run several marathons, I cannot imagine going out again the next day, and the next again to do it all over again!  

So, you’re asking yourself now, what kind of personal Tour de France have I embarked on?  No, I’m not getting keen in to road cycling – in fact, I was on my mountain bike last week with my 4 1/2-year-old son for the first time since he was in my belly!

I have decided to celebrate the Tour by sampling French wines!  Yes, while they race toward Paris enduring blood, sweat, and tears, I am going to sip French wine with my husband while watching the most recent PVR’d stage. 

It’s not easy staying on top of this race.  Each day there are at least 4 hours of footage to get through and I have two kids and a limited ability to stay awake past 9pm. But I’m addicted.  And I’m trying some new wines.  Does it get any better? 

Sadly, I didn’t make any tasting notes on the bottles we’ve tried (that would distract me from watching the race), but I did jot down their names and can say that I enjoyed each one. 

Paul Mas Estate, Syrah Viognier, Nicole Vineyard 2008

Croix du Mayne Cahors, Eleve en fut de chene, 2008

Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Cuvee les deux Papis, 2006, Alex Gambal

Les Costes, Nobles Terres, Cotes Du Rhone, 2008

By the way, here’s the link to the Tour website in case you are interested:

There is a lot to learn and I’m still pausing the race to ask questions (or top up  my glass), but I highly recommend recording the early morning version with Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen as commentators – they are great!


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